Dec 11 2012
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Error Code 80029538 help?

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Okay. Guys recently sony gave me a free 30 day trial PS+ code. I redeem it. i downloaded a whole bunch games with it for free. I went to the Full Game Trials section and i saw AC2 there for free. I downloade it. Once it finished downloading i went play it. It pop up with a message saying "Checking for updata date. Please wait." then it disappears, but then a error appears saying " An error occurred during the start operation. (80029538)"   Please help? Is there are sulotion to this problem?



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Re: Error Code 80029538 help?

Dec 11, 2012

No results for this error on the Knowledge Support page (link in the lower left corner of any forum page).  You'd have to contact SONY directly to see if they can help.

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