Jan 29 2013
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Error Code 80010017 for PSN Games

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Hey everyone. I know I saw some threads for this topic but it has nothing to do with my blu-ray drive or whatever since I looked up what this code is.  My problem is that 2 of my PSN games do not load and I get the error code 80010017 for the following games:


Far Cry 2 (full ps3 game DL from the PSN Store) 

Inferno Pool (PSN)


Far Cry 2 worked perfectly fine and played it for a half hour or so last week. Inferno Pool I never even got a chance to play yet because I got the error code. How can this be when both of these games are not disc based games? I tried deleting them and re-downloading them from the PSN Store, installed them again, and its still giving me the error. I have 105 PSN games in my folder and checked everyone and those are the 2 games giving me problems.


My PS3 is a  FAT PS3 40gig (well 1TB now) and with the latest System version 4.31


Any ideas?

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Re: Error Code 80010017 for PSN Games

Feb 2, 2013

I guess no one else had/has this problem huh...

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