Jun 16 2011
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Error 80710723 with Escalation

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I know a bunch of people have been having this problem and I have narrowed down to the possibility of it being my modem that is the problem..But before I go out and buy a new modem I would like to know what else there is to try (that I haven't already tried.

I've tried:

-Putting ps3 in DMZ

-Opening certain ports on the modem

-Disabling media Server

-Using wired connection

-Downloading in-game, on XMB, and in PS-Store

-Plugging in controller (I figured it wouldn't make any difference at all, but I decided I might as well try everything)

-Waiting (it's been a week, "High Traffic" probably isn't to blame)

The only thing I have managed to do was learn the ins and outs of my router and modem, which is a Qwest 2wire P.o.s. and a linksys router

Any other suggestions?

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