Nov 18 2012
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Error 80710723 and a 4G hotspot

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So I bought Black Ops 2 eager to play online multiplayer. Unfortunately there are patches that come with most games and that is where my issue comes in. For any game, any patch, I am unable to download any patch. When I do try to download a patch the download stays at 0% then slowly gives me an estimated time of of 20k+ minutes to finish download and it slowly rises the time all while staying at 0%. Eventually it gives me error 80710723 and I'm saddened. :-(.
Some FYI: I am able to download games, add ons, system updates ect.
I use a 4G hot spot from a phone using a 4G hot spot app. I've been playing online multiplayer just fine with it as well.
And yes the Shared Media server setting is Disabled.
If anyone anyone else could help with this. I would be really grateful. I've searched everywhere and have not found a solution. This is my last hope. Ty ty to all.
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