Feb 19 2013
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Error 80710102 and 807101ff

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Hello after two years with the same isp and PS3 Network i just got these errors today no allowing me to sign in.


I am hooked up straight from the wall to the ps3. I know this is a DNS error ive tried typing in my ip and dns manually which doesnt work along with other isp's dns. I've Reset the default setting on the ps3.


I first contacted Sony by phone i was told that i need to reset my modem and see if all ports are open. I explained to him i do not have a modem and he told me to contact my ISP to find out whats going on. I then contacted my ISP(Eatel) High speed DSL whom told me there isnt a modem with there service. They did a local reset and got me to test my connection on my PC, Xbox, and PS3. PC and Xbox worked fine and the ps3 still wouldnt connect. They monitored my connection when hooking it up to the PS3 and it showed alot of activity in and out. They said it was something on the PS3 side a setting thats wrong or what not. I contacted Sony agian through instant message and the guy tells me a DNS error is always on the ISP side theres nothing they can do.


So i now have my ISP saying its Sony and Sony saying its my ISP so i have no idea what im suppose to do here? Also everyone i know around here uses Eatel so i have no way of hooking it up through another ISP.

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Re: Error 80710102 and 807101ff

Feb 19, 2013
Anyone please
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