Jul 31 2012
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Error 80710092, Help!

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HI! Well, i was playin BF3 online and suddenly i got an error that said "Connection lost error 80710092" or something like that, however the number of the error was that.
I can still use my browser on my PS3, the only thing i can't do is log in into my PSN Account! I turned off, and then I turned on back again my modem but didn't fix the problem, besides I think if the problem was my connection I shouldn't be able to connect to the browser, but I have no problem doing that, Thanks and have a nice day!

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Re: Error 80710092, Help!

Jul 31, 2012

80710092: Issue connecting online


  • If logging into the PlayStation Network or connecting online, reboot the system and try connecting again.
  • Try connecting at a later time as it may be temporary congestion with your Internet service.

Also, are you connected with a wired connection or wireless connection via wi-fi?


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