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Error 80029564 probable causes and solutions

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I struggled with this error for days; the support from Sony was almost non-existent regarding this error so I investigated myself. I (think) managed to determine the cause and probable solutions so I’ll post what I found here for other people with this issue.


What is this error 80029564?


From the official PS support:

"80029564: Can't install PlayStation Network downloaded content"


This is because the file you just downloaded (game or patch) is corrupted. How it got corrupted? Well something happened while you were downloading the file that it didn´t download properly and now it can’t be installed. That doesn´t means there’s a problem with your PS3, it´s not a RAM issue (like I read somewhere else), so don´t panic.


The problem is, it seems that Sony forgot to put verification code that check the integrity of downloads so if the downloaded file got corrupted somewhere during the transmission it just continues downloading like nothing happened, but when you try to install it, it fails (usually) at 14% and throw the 80029564 error.


 This is very annoying especially if the file is heavy and if you have slower internet connection because the damaged file has to be downloaded AGAIN in its entirety, not just the “corrupted” part, no matter if the file is 1Mb or 30Gb. Also the system doesn´t gives you a clue if the download got corrupted, it just continues downloading, you’ll only find out when you try to install it.


Why didn´t Sony put some verification algorithms or processes in the PS3 is beyond me when that is just mandatory for software that deals with downloads, especially if the downloads are heavy and takes LONG times. Some kind of error verification and prevention SHOULD be present so you don´t have to download the ENTIRE FILE AGAIN if it got corrupted, just re-download the damaged part automatically or, at least, stop the download if it got corrupted and don´t continue downloading it like nothing happened.


How can this error happen?


My guess is that it can happen to anybody, on any PS3 with the current firmware (to this writing). I did various testing (only on one PS3) and the error will happen if the download gets suddenly interrupted by any cause, e.g., the router or the PS3 gets disconnected. I tested it with a couple games, I started the download and in the middle of it I just disconnected the PS3 from the power outlet without turning it off, plugged it again and the download continued like always, but when it finished and tried to install it the 80029564 error came up. I tested it several times and it always happened. I tested it too by unplugging my router (not the PS3) and from several times I did it just once the error occurred, meaning there´s a small chance the file can get corrupted if your router fails (or get disconnected) during transmission. From all my testing I can conclude:

- It occurs because the transmission gets suddenly interrupted, e.g.:

  • The PS3 gets disconnected from the power (like a blackout or unplugging it from the wall while it’s on).
  • The PS3 fails (e.g. a game freezes the system).
  • The router fails or gets disconnected from the power (not always the download will get corrupted by this).
  • The router has some kind of filter or firewall that messes with the data that get to your PS3.
  • There’s a failure in some server like a proxy (if you are connected to one), your ISP or even the PSN servers.

- It can happen with any file of any size. Tested with Mega Man 9 (63Mb) and Street Fighter 4 (18Gb) and the error happened with both. So the rumors that this error only happens with heavy files is wrong, it can happen with Any file, be it a game or even an update for the firmware; but, since heavy files take longer to download then the probability of this error happening increases, making people believe it only happen on heavy files.

- After the interruption the PS3 will continue downloading the file without checking anything or without giving any kind of message or clue the download got corrupted.

- You cannot recover the corrupted file, it has to be downloaded again.




Reduce the probability of sudden interruption of the download, e.g., don´t use router and connect your PS3 directly to the modem with cable, turn off your PS3 using the power button (or the controller) don´t unplug it from the wall while it´s turned on, get the faster internet connection you can so files download faster.


And if you did all of the above and the error still happens, then it´s some server that’s messing with the download, change your proxy (if you’re using one) or wait a couple of days (it may be a server on your ISP) and try again.

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Re: Error 80029564 probable causes and solutions

Mar 24, 2013
I have not experienced this with any small downloads. It's usually games 1200mb and higher. It's a hit or miss situation. I couldn't download section 8 prejudice if my life depended on it. Til like the 8th time I downloaded, it finally installed. Strangely enough, dead nation, a welcome back game, successfully downloaded each time I attempted. Lil big planet, hit or miss, infamous, never downloads successfully. I have psn games I purchased that won't download.

The fact that this error still exist since 2009 is ridiculous. And any plans I had to purchase additional items from psn, and possibly purchasing a PS4 on launch, is an afterthought at this point.
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