Sep 11 2013
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Error 800233EC: Unable to download Borderlands 2 update

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Hello! I have quite the ongoing issue and I hope someone will be able to help me. Smiley Happy


For the past week, since I moved from my mother's house is when I noticed it, my PS3 has not been cooperating very well with downloading new games/updates for current games. It usually stops and displays error 800233EC, which I am very unsettled to discover is not an officially recognized error and thus there is no official solution for it. Sometimes it will bring up the download without displaying its download size, and it stays stuck at 0% and 0kb. When I go to quit the download from there, it freezes and I'm left stuck in an endless cycle of repeat.


My roommate, who is also having the same issue, found that if he kept at it he would be able to get it to work eventually. I was able to download the update for DmC: Devil May Cry, the game Borderlands 2 all of the DLC, however the one thing I've been struggling to update for days on end now is the update for Borderlands 2. I can't play online nor am I able to access any of my DLC until I can get that update, but it just won't download because of that error.


I use a Wifi connection that had previous MAC address filtering, but I snuck into the router and turned it off, no change has resulted from this unfortunately. I've tried pulling the plug and also restarting the router, once again to no avail. I've done just about every hypothesized solution that I've found online (including doing a full on restore of the PS3 itself) and it just won't work.


Since my roommate is also having the issue, we assume it may be a PSN problem but no one else seems to be having this same issue.


Any help/information would be greatly appreciated. Smiley Happy

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Re: Error 800233EC: Unable to download Borderlands 2 update

Sep 12, 2013

Hi cerisekisses,


I'm suspecting that this might a possible issue with how your network is set up if both you and your roommate are having difficulties.  


Can you try connecting your PS3 to a friend's network that is not on the one you are currently connected (say if you're connected through a university network)?


Here are a few things to try:


Troubleshoot Wireless Network Connection


Troubleshoot Wired Network Connection Problem on PS3




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