Nov 11 2012
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Dragon's Dogma DLC- Where is it?

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Greetings everyone,



I am new pretty much to the PS3 experience. Recently purchased Dragon's Dogma and all its DLC (except for themes and avatars). I have receipts for:


-Set Out for Adventure - The Right Tools
-Notice Board Quests - Service Pack
-Weapon Pack: the Debilitator

-Set Out for Adventure - The Right Tools

-Rift Crystal Bulk Pack

-Rift Crystal Pack

-Armor Pack: Demon's Protection
- A Coiffure You Can't Refuse

- A Face of a Different Color

 -From a Different Sky pack


When I started the game, it  detected 2 DLC, that were tied to my save file, that if it was deleted those items would be lost. What worries me, is that only 2 Rift DLC were detected and the game continued on. I reached the character screen, and I noticed the same 6 voices, the same 40 hairstyles. So I was wondering what is going on? Is all the DLC I purchased supposed to have been loaded?




I refuse to go past the character creation screen, unless  there is a guarantee that by quitting the creation process to try and load any DLC that was undetected will not erase those that were already activated . Cannot afford to lose the extra rift crystals and items I acquired..I did make sure to download and install all my orders.



Thanks for the help.



**Issue resolved. Reinstalled/redownload the items. Any mod feel free close this thread.




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