Mar 21 2012
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Downloadable disc-based game question.

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I have two PS3s in my home and the user that has the second one wants to play CoD4 and MW2. I was wondering if I were to buy the downloadable versions of the game and download them to both PS3s would I be able to play them on two accounts at the same time? I'm mainly wondering this due to the Spec-ops missions in MW2 but it's a matter of convenience too. It would be a pain to have either console locked from playing a game for 24 hours like Burnout, Warhawk and SOCOM did in the past.

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Re: Downloadable disc-based game question.

Mar 26, 2012

You are not allowed to share Playstation Store purchases with anyone except your minor children.  That's the official Sony policy. You can't play an online shooter on two consoles at once, so there is no reason why an M-rated game purchased by you should be running on more than one PS3 at a time, unless you violated the license agreement.  In addition, I don't think that CoD games allow multiple players to play using the same IP address, so unless each PS3 has a different Internet connection, it may not work anyway.  I've never heard of Sony preventing a particular copy of a game from running on a console, because it was used on more than one at a time.  I didn't think that Sony could even tell which PSN account purchased a particular copy of a game, at least online; and Burnout isn't even a Sony-published title.

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