Dec 27 2012
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Downloadable content for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckinong

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I purchased the Teeth of Naros, downloaded, installed and restarted and the quest is not available.  I went to Helyc and can speak to the 2 other NPC's but when given the speak prompt (X button) at Helyc, I press it an nothing happens.  I don't know how to start this quest as everything I've read says it's just available after purchase.


I redownloaded and installed as well. 


Also, my daughter started her own game and it is avail as on of her main quests... not sure why on her profile it is avail and on mine it's not.  I'm quite far and have crafted my own weapons, etc... and really don't want to start over just to get the DLC.



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Re: Downloadable content for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckinong

Mar 21, 2013

I see nobody responded to you here. Did you figure this out. I did the exact same thing, mate. Tried the same things to get them to work as well and NOTHING! The maps show up in the game, the title screen says the DLC is available, but there is NO QUEST LOG LISTED ANYWHERE IN THERE!!!  I am level 38 and will be **bleep** OFF if I have to start over my game to play the DLC! Please tell me you figured this out! Thanks! 

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