Sep 13 2012
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Download speed suddenly suffering

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So I recently moved back to college and I'm having just a terrible time downloading anything from the PS Store over my wireless.  For example, I've been downloading the Fifa demo for 30 minutes and it is at 2%, I've never had problems like this.  Are there any solutions to help speed up the PS3's internet connection? My macbook on the same internet connection is getting 29 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload, which is pretty typical for this provider.  However, my PS3 is getting something like 1 Mbps download, .6Mbps upload according to the system test.  


Also, I've already long ago disabled the Media Server Connection, so that isn't the problem.  Is there a port issue here or something?  I'm stuck, and I've only noticed this since downloading the newest system update but I couldn't find any reported problems dealing with it so I feel it must be something I have set up wrong. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Forgot to mention, I have no trouble signing in or playing online games.  The connection works fine unless I'm trying to download.

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