Feb 02 2013
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Download annoyance-lost connection

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I know that my problem is signal loss from my cable internet connection, I have tried wireless and wired connection, disabled media server etc.


The annoyance is every time I try to download anything and lose my connection I have to start back at the beginning, it can take many times to finally get a demo/game to download, and that is for small files, large files, forget it.


Why can't PSN save the point at which you lose the connection so you can start back instead of making you start from the beginning?

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Re: Download annoyance-lost connection

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Feb 7, 2013

I give up. I have been trying to download LittleBigPlanet Kart Racing Demo since Mid December and can not get it. I have tried every suggestion I can find on keeping a connection, Wireless, Wired, turn of Media Server, add PS3 to DMZ, everything. I only need to make it 17 minutes at the most, and it will not stay connected that long. I have gotten to 30 seconds or less so many times it is ridiculous. But while I have yet to get this file, I lose my connection almost every time I tryu to download any file no mattre how big or small. I would think that with a wired connection I should have at least some luck but it never fails, to fail.


Guess I should have added. I get this error message every time.


An error occured during the download operation



I have researched that error number and tried every single fix I can find, no help, just tried 5 times in a row to download the demo, still no luck. Getting very frustrated.

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