Mar 28 2014
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Does Sony employee people who like to lie to customers?

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I tried to make a purchase last night on PSN. The price was marked $29.99, but when I went to check out, this is what I was met with (following contacting a PSN representative.
Cesar A.: Hi, my name is Cesar A.. How may I help you?
jamison harvey: Hi, i've been trying to purchase tomb raider on the ps4 for the past hour. i know you guys are doing a flash sale where it's half off but ends today i believe. anyway, on my ps4, it shows as 30 but when i go to check out it shows 60. i tried on the website as well where it shows the correct price but says "you are not eligible to purchase this content". any help?
Cesar A.: I really understand your frustration, Let me apologize for the inconvenient this might have caused, but I am pretty sure there are some steps we can follow to resolve this situation.
jamison harvey: sure
Cesar A.: Could you please wait while I research this for you?
jamison harvey: sure thing
Cesar A.: I'm still researching this for you.  I appreciate your patience.
jamison harvey: no problem
Cesar A.: I was researching this information about this promotion. the flash sale had 2 ps4 games, Tomb Raider definitive edition and thief. Both games were at $29.99. however because of the nature of this sale, we did not have any timeframe. the promotion is currently over,Jamison.
jamison harvey: So, even though I'm looking at the price of 29.99 on both my computer and ps4 at this very moment, I can't purchase it at this price?
Cesar A.: All our weekly sales are listen on the blog:
Cesar A.: You are right.
jamison harvey: well if it's no longer that price why is it still listed?
Cesar A.: Because of the nature of the flash sales those does not have an specific timeframe, you can always make sure about the flash sales on the what's new option.
jamison harvey: I'm sorry, i don't mean to sound like I'm bashing you personally, but it's extremely aggravating to have what could be constituted as false advertising (seeing the price then going to pay and it being different). I'm only saying something like this would never be allowed in a real world environment.
Cesar A.: I totally understand, in this case i am letting my supervisor know about this problem.
Cesar A.: Please wait while I research this for you. i will make sure to keep you tuned.
jamison harvey: I'm just personally aggravated because I knew of the time line of when i could get the game and i didn't get paid until today.

Cesar A.: You can see both games under other sales in this article:
Cesar A.: I will make sure about all this .
jamison harvey: need me to hang on for a few minutes?
Cesar A.: Yes, Could you please allow me a few minutes,?
jamison harvey: sure
Cesar A.: Thank you ,Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience, and let me do my best to resolve this situation for you today.
Cesar A.: Sorry for keeping you waiting.
Cesar A.: We are currently updating the store an the prices of some game may change , however , in this case, i will encourage you to wait, i will make sure to escalate this situation ,jamison.
jamison harvey: so, what should i do for now?
jamison harvey: I'm only asking because it's late where i'm at and i need to go to bed soon. i just didn't want to stay up when i have work tomorrow

Cesar A.: In this case, it will be available soon.
Cesar A.: We are currently having an store update because of this matter.
Cesar A.: My best advice is to wait until tomorrow.
jamison harvey: will it be avilable at this price tomorrow?
Cesar A.:  In order to make sure you purchase the game at the right price.
Cesar A.: Yes, you can check in the link above.
jamison harvey: ok, thanks
Cesar A.: Both thief and tomb raider.
Cesar A.: Sorry about all this misunderstanding.
jamison harvey: ok, thanks again
Cesar A.: In case you need to contact us back our reference number is 140327-010827.
jamison harvey: ok, got it, thank you




Then again, this morning:

Ashley P.: Hi, my name is Ashley P.. How may I help you?
jamison harvey: Hi, I have a reference number from last night if that would expedite this conversation: 140327-010827
Ashley P.: Ok, I will definitely look into that chat ID number now.
jamison harvey: thanks

Ashley P.: I have reviewed the previous chat conversation, and that does help a lot for me to understand the situation.
jamison harvey: ok, thank you. as it says in the chat log he told me to check again today (which i did later last night and again this morning and there's been no change)
Ashley P.: Ok. I am going to research this for you now. One moment please.
Ashley P.: I have researched this for you and I do see here that the PS4 that is available to me does display this game at $59.99. This sale may have still been displaying the sale price on your console, however the sale does seem to be over. I do understand your frustrations with this, however, we are not able to change the prices in the PS Store.
jamison harvey: So what are you telling me? that the guy I spoke to last night just lied to me to shut me up?
Ashley P.: I would not want to speak on the conversation with previous representative, I wouldn't be aware of the situation with the information provided. I definitely understand your concern with this situation.
Ashley P.: Are you still there?
jamison harvey: i never asked anyone to change the whole store to suit my needs, i only asked to purchase the game at the represented price, and regardless of the sale "being over" now, I tried to purchase it when it was apparently still going on and was pretty much told "too bad". I understand the sale may have been ending when i went to purchase it, however it is unfair, not to mention a misrepresentation of pricing to have a displayed price then charge something else at check out. Wouldn't you be upset if you went to the store to purchase something and the cashier told you the price is different than that being advertised and you are expected to pay the difference because the person in charge of changing the price back didn't do so in time? I know in the real world this is an illegal practice.
Ashley P.: Yes, I can agree that this type of situation would also be frustrating to me. I do apologize if my statement seemed as if you were asking for the prices to be changed, I was making sure to provide you all information on this. Sometimes when prices are updated on the PS Store it is not instantly changed on some systems, this can be caused by server connections, etc. If there was more that I could do on this situation I definitely would. I do thank you for your understanding with me in this as well.
jamison harvey: be straight with me, are you guys going to help me purchase this game at the advertised price i tried to purchase it at or not? don't misunderstand me, i don't "need" to make this purchase, i already have to older version and just wanted to try out the next gen version of the game, so getting 30 bucks from me was a long shot and i definitely will not buy it at full price, however given the nature of this situation and that i've never had a similar problem on the xbox, i'll gladly carry my business over. People crack jokes about PSN all the time and there's a part of me that was hoping they were wrong, but this whole situation is proving the contrary. there's never been a pricing issue on their system like this and realistically, it is unacceptable.
Ashley P.: I will definitely give you any and all information that I have available to me for this. Do you have a contact number that I can reach you on?
jamison harvey: ********* would be preferable, however if you need to call 318-******
Ashley P.: Ok, thank you. I am going to give you a call now.
Ashley P. has disconnected.

She then called me, I'm assuming the keept he remainder of the conversation "off the record", however offered no means of recifying this situation. At this point I'm more upset over the method with which this was handled than the problem itself.

I'm not giving up on this situation and by this point in time, I'm honestly just wanting the world to know how they treated me in this situation.

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Re: Does Sony employee people who like to lie to customers?

Mar 29, 2014

Any hope of the sale prices going back up?

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Re: Does Sony employee people who like to lie to customers?

Mar 29, 2014

Not according to what they told me on the phone. It was basically a "yea, we'll do it", "nah, just kidding, **bleep** off". I saw the X1 is doing the exact same sale but over the weekend this time, tempted to take them up on the offer just to spite sony.

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Re: Does Sony employee people who like to lie to customers?

May 2, 2014

I was recently lied to as well. I pre-ordered a game for PS3 then found out it was also available for PS4. Upon this discovery I decided to contact PSN Support and have my pre-order canceled so I could re-order the game for the PS4. After explaining my situation to a support agent I was told my order was canceled and the refund would show up in my PS Store wallet in no more than 7 days.


The order was never canceled. The money was not refunded. I wish I would have saved my transcript. Lesson learned.

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