Feb 14 2013
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Dlc will not show up in the games

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Been having issues with all call of duty 1&2  dlc not showing up in game ,download and reinstalled it many of times I even deleted the whole system back to factory nothing works .called for psn and did it there way still nothing .I'm not for sure if my other game dlc will work or not haven't try them yet . I hope they do , I got a lot of money tied up with all these dlc'd , I even got the season pass for black opts 2 for the zombie nuketown and did all right things to get it to go with help from psn  network still that's not installing . the system is about 2 years old it runs great no problems ,until the last couple updates from psn ,now nothing works as far as dlc , please i love some help here ,or any info it's just sucks that we can't  enjoy the games now ,Smiley Sad

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