Aug 18 2013
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Disney Infinity freezing

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So I just bought Disney Infinity this morning for my son and am already having problems. It set up fine. We completed the intro without freezing. When we finally got to the Toy Box to start playing the game that is when we had problems with the characters not working. Most of the time to problem was limited to the characters not moving, but the rest of the game was still operating fine. It woudl still talk and other things would move. At one point when it froze the sound stopped working. So I had my son play a couple of other games, he didn't have a problem. Right now he is playing Disney Infinity by himself though, and has been for about 15-20 min. and it hasn't frozen. So the problems we had earlier was when I was playing with him. Not sure if that is making a difference. I sent a message to technical support on the Disney Infinity website also. Is anyone else having this problem or does anyone have any suggestions?


Edit: I take it back, it did finally freeze on him. Just later.