May 15 2013
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Disconnects in Injustice only, and only recently.

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So I've had Injustice since it's release day.  The first couple of weeks were fine when I played online.  However, the past week and a half or so, I've been getting disconnected from PSN after a few minutes every time I connect to Injustice servers. 

I changed my connection settings to disable UPnP as I read that may be a problem to general disconnects.  I have yet to hear back from NetherRealm to see if it is a problem on their end, but figured I'd post here just in case.  Is there any kind of additional troubleshooting for general disconnects?  If I only disconnect on a certain game, could it be something on my side still?


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Re: Disconnects in Injustice only, and only recently.

Jun 12, 2014

Bump. I can't play online at all. I select a character then bang, disconnected i cannot play a single match. All other games work fine **bleep** is going on.

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