Jul 18 2013
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Disconnecting from PSN Randomly, AT&T Uverse

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I'm not sure what info is really needed to troubleshoot this, but I recently switched from Time Warner to Uverse.


Now, when I play games like Last of Us (Multiplayer) i get randomly disconnected from the PSN which obviously boots me out of the entire match/game. It is entirely random:  Sometimes I'll get booted while still waiting in the lobby of Last of Us, sometimes during a match, sometimes after the match, and sometimes I can play for 45 mintues without a single disconnect. (Although it seems to disconnect more than connect properly...)


Everything else that I use in my home works fine on Uverse - e.g., Netflix, multiple PC's, multiple Macs, tablets, phones - all are connected and functioning fine... its just the PS3 that seems to have problems. 


Any suggestions?

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Re: Disconnecting from PSN Randomly, AT&T Uverse

Jul 18, 2013

I am having a very similar issue. I have another issue also, I try to connect to the last of us multiplayer and i get left at 80% on the connect bar that you get prior to accessiong the menu where you select supply raid or survivor. 

I am from New Zealand, none of my friends have this issue. I signed into my friends account off my ps3 and the online component is fine. 
I believe it is an issue with naughty dog's servers, though this is only happening to a few of us. 

on a few occasions  i have had real good games, played for hours. but lately it has all gone down the toilet. 


my network provider is slingshot in nz, i dont think it's the net provider. I can access all the services and my nat type is 2

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