Jan 16 2013
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Did Playstation Store update mess up my cooling system??

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I got online last night and downloaded the Store update.   Download went fine.  I started about a 2 hour session on Black Ops II when the game froze.  I ejected the disc and it was VERY hot, as was the system.   I tried other games, and they froze as well.  Some online, some not.


Left system off overnight to cool down and tried this morning - no problem.   I haven't had time to try another 2-3 hour session, but I am afraid it is going to get hot again and lock up.


I just find the timing very curious.  I had an issue with a system update once where after the update, I couldn't get games to load unless I put the system sideways.  Another update comes and the problem went away without a word from Sony.


I don't expect Sony to admit to a problem due to liability concerns.  Just putting my experience out there to see if anyone has seen something similar.

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