Apr 20 2013
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Developing a game for PSN?

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Hello everyone! Thanks for the help in advance. I just have a question regarding the process in developing a game for Playstation. Now, some friends and I are interested in developing a game for the PSN. We looked into some details but could not really find the answers that we were looking for.

For one, the game we would like to create would be strictly PSN based. It would'nt be graphically demanding, so it could easily run on all the systems, be it PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and PSP. I know these hardware systems require dev-kits to develop a game for them. My question is, if my group and I were aiming to create a game for all those systems, would a Dev Kit be required??

Also, since Sony is apparently going to be open to Indie Games with the PS4, are they still going to be requiring dev kits? Because given the price of the dev kits, they wouldnt be helping a lot of talented developers by forcing them to spend an absurd amount of money.

I guess to get to the bedrock of my message; is it possible to make a game for the PSN without a dev kit? Is it not possible at the moment but will be in the future? Hence sonys apparent future relationship with Indie developers. Thank you to any answers or remarks.Vive la Playstation!

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Re: Developing a game for PSN?

Apr 20, 2013
I read somewhere that Sony does have some type of plan going on to make it easier for indie developers to get dev kits. I don't know if that means payment plans or what. In 2011 they were sending out free vita dev kits to indie developers. You could look into that. You'll probably have to have a registered business though. Indie developers doesnt just mean four guys in a basement coding a game. I could be wrong about that though. Try googling or contacting Sony.

Good luck.
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Re: Developing a game for PSN?

Apr 21, 2013

It is not possible to make a game for the PS3, or any other Sony console (or Microsoft or Nintendo console for that matter) without a developer's kit.  Sony will only give developer's kits to companies that it has vetted to determine that they are legitimate developers, with the resources to actually make a game.  Giving out developer's kits is considered to be a security risk by Sony, so it will not give a PS3 or Vita developer's kit to just anyone.  The kits are also quite expensive.  Sony has a program to work with independent developers, but the ones that it works with tend to either be well established, or run by people that Sony's publishing division is already familiar with from previous games.  It is very hard to get accepted as an unknown.


Sony is free with development kits for the Playstation Mobile platform, which can run on the Vita, as well as Sony smart phones and tablets. That was the development kit that Sony gave away back in 2011, and pretty much anyone that pays the affordable fee can get one. If you want to get started as an independent Playstation developer, I would suggest developing a game or two for the Playstation Mobile platform first.  If you do it successfully, that would go a long way towards convincing Sony that it should grant you a Playstation developer's license.

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