Jan 21 2014
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Defective Movie rental

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I recently (2 days ago) rented a movie through the psn. When I started streaming the movie (Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest) the audio was all jacked up and for some reason only the music worked no voices. I thought maybe this was because the movie wasn't fully downloaded and so I went to bed. When I came home the next day from work I tried to watch the movie again and had the same problem. Which was just in time for the rental to expire. I know it wasn't a problem on my tv because I went through and disconnected and reconnected all the cords. Is this worthy of a refund? Did anyone else have this problem with this or another movie?

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Re: Defective Movie rental

Jan 21, 2014

Well it certainly does not sounds like you got what you paid for.


You will need to contact Sony via chat or phone.


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