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Re: Dead or Alive® 5 with Hotties Swimwear Set Bundle wrong DLC?

Feb 11, 2013

Thanks Joystick_Warrior, it seems you guys already fixed the glitch Smiley Happy



By the way, is it possible for a moderator or an admin here on the forums to help me get a refund on PSN? I've been searching for a way the last 3 days on how to contact the US Customer Support here on my end but got no luck. The only thing I could think of is using Skype and paying the bills to call overseas...


I tried emailing them, but they just tell me that I should contact my local Customer Service about it, (even though my account is US), but the Philippines doesn't officially support PSN yet..


If this goes bad, I might just purchase the hotties dlc seperately T_T

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