Dec 23 2013
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Deactivating systems issue

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Hello, I have a bit of a problem.


I recently had my PS4 replaced as it was a dud but both didn't know you needed to deactivate it as your primary console before sending it in and I doubt I would of even gotten to that point because of the console's faults. So now I have a new shiny PS4 with all of my games downloaded to it and subsequently locked out of them 24 hours later because of a license check.


Now according to this: barring numerious suggestions to contact support it looks like I could deactivate all the consoles under my account and simply reactivate them individually, solving the problem. I normally wouldent do this with the 6 month penality but along with my current PS4 problems I also had a dead PS3, long gone, that was enabled for video content so I could theoritacally solve both problems with this.


Will this work or is there a better solution to my problem?

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