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Jun 11 2012
By: CaEsAr- Lombax Warrior 174 posts

Deactivating my account on "All Devices"?

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Hello Playstation fellows,

So today I wanted to activate my account to my brother's PS3 and it said " this ps3 system could not be activated. this content cannot be used." then I rememberd I shared my account with my friend a while ago, but the problem is my friend sold his PS3, I can still deactivate my PSN on all devices from SEN website right?. So my question is, will it affect my main PS3? can I still activate my account on my system without any side-effect like losing any content or anything? and will it affect my Vita ?

would appreciate any help.

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Re: Deactivating my account on "All Devices"?

Jun 13, 2012

Go here and sign in:

Then Click Account and then Media and Devices

Select Games and Deactivate all

You can only do this once every 6 months, any content you have on your PS3 or PSV does not need to be redownloaded as long as you reactivate you account on the system

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