Dec 04 2012
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DSN errors

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I have my ps3 connected to a router that is in bridge mode (a Netgear Router -- Model RP114) , which in turn is connected to an Airport Extreme Router that connects to the web via a WAN port from my ISP cable service. I love the speed of cable for gaming, Netflix, and multiple PS3's running at the same time in the house (three to be exact). All said, works great.


However . . .


Once every few months the PS3 connected to the netgear in bridge mode via an ethernet cable looses connection to the internet, and I get the dreaded DSN error message. If I switch the PS3 to wireless mode, it works fine and I can connect to the internet since the actual router is the Airport Extreme, not the bridge mode Netgear. 


When I get the wired DSN error message, I take the time to make sure the wires are properly "clicked" in, and that the power hasn't been interupted, and even switching the ethernet cables to make sure they are not the problem, but I still fail to connect to the internet for no apparent reason, and I get the dreaded DSN error message. After several attempts to reconnect via the wired mode, I switch to the wireless mode, which works fine, instead of letting this situation drive me crazy. 


After a while, I'll go back and try the wired connection again, without changing any settings in the wired mode, and much like voodoo, I am able to make a wired connection to the PS3.


What can be causing the loss of internent connection in the first place? Why does it give me the DSN error message when it's in a wired mode? I've read many threads on the DSN error messages, but none seem to have an answer for this mysterious failed connection.


Anyone experiencing something similar to me? Do you have a solution that has worked for you? 


Please only post solutions that have worked to solve this problem for you, not "I think this will work, try this" recommendations. 


Thank you.



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