Jun 10 2011
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DNS Error Code (80710102) [Mutliple Solutions Tried]

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I am a Road Runner costumer and I have been able to sign into PSN just fine. Today I go on my PS3 and I get this and it won't go away. Now I know there are many threads and solutions so I will lists the ones that I have tried but failed. I would try to contact Sony but contacting them through the phone sucks because I can't get a hold of an operator. Im just kept on Hold for forever (Wait an hour once and no one came to the phone). I have tried emailing them before, never got a reply so fourms are my only hope for customer support. Now I have:

  • Disconnected (wait 5 full minutes) then reconnect my Wireless router.
  • Turned off my PS3 for awhile (about 3 hours tried again) nothing
  • Restored System Settings (Nothing)
  • Did the DNS Primary and Secondary thing ( or/and
  • Turned the Media Servers off

So Yeah...ummm any Other solutions? Anything I could do about this? I REALLY NEED HELP.

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