Mar 19 2013
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DLC problem - DC Universe Online

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Hi all,


Here is my problem:


I bought a DLC for DC Universe Online on my Canadian account, but I downloaded DC Universe from the European server so I could play with my friends that are on it. Therefore, the pack that I bought doesn't work on my game which isn't cool because I spent 10$ and I won't be able to use the DLC.


Does anyone know how I could maybe get my money back? I would prefer to transfer these 10$ on my European (in Euros) account so I could buy this DLC again and make it work properly. But at this point, if I could at least spend these 10$ on anything else it would be great.


I thought about downloading the game on The US server but if I do that, I'll loose all my characters and I won't be able to play with my friends, so this isn't a solution.


Thank you for taking the time to read this message and I would really appreciate it if anyone helped me out.




Best of all,




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Re: DLC problem - DC Universe Online

Mar 19, 2013

This isn't a case where a refund would normally be provided.  Technically, you aren't supposed to download from the Playstation Store in any region that you don't live in, so it should never occur if you were observing all of the PSN terms. Transferring funds between regions is out of the question, but a credit to your Canadian PSN wallet is technically possible.  You have nothing to lose by asking, but you have to call on the phone, or use live chat.  Playstation customer support doesn't monitor this forum, so you can't request refunds here.

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Re: DLC problem - DC Universe Online

May 29, 2013

Dear Playstation Network,

I can't seem to download my DC Universe Ultimate Bundle, even though I had just bought it. When I tried to download it after buying it, it merely shows the $29.99 symbol where the download should have been. Can you help me out with this? I really love DC Universe, but I at least want to get back the $29.99 that I lost for nothing on my PSN account. In case you can help me in anyway possible, just send a message on Thank you for reading this message.



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