Sep 13 2013
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DLC now gone for Transformers Fall of Cybertron

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well i was planning to buy all 3 DLC packs, but i logged in today with the appropriate number of cards, went to my cart and it displayed an Error then emptied it, i go to the game and i notice the PS3/PSN version of the Fall of Cybertron Multiplayer Havoc Pack is gone, yet still included in the $80+ bundle, but my issue is, i bought a physical copy of the game last august for $60 and own the other 2 DLC packs, so paying $80-90 for a 2nd copy of the game (albeit digital) and 2  DLC packs i already have is a total waste of $80 of that, and i never heard anything about that DLC pack being on a limited-time schedule nor did the page say anything of such


so what happened to that DLC pack? for those of us who bought a retail copy of the game its a huge waste to buy a 2nd copy in the Bundle just to get the $30 of DLC, and for me i only get $10 cus i have the other 2 packs


im seriously upset over this, i just came back to the game after so long to see it thriving still and now im unable to buy all the DLC cus the Multiplayer Havoc Pack mysteriously vanished from the PSN Store, also the page for it here on the playstation site HAS a Buy button for it, but you cant buy it cus the page doesnt exist


so can anybody tell me what the F is going on? i REALLY dont want to do a DLC-trade/swap to get this cus those are very risky and sorta illegal too but if it comes ot that it cant be helped cus of whatever the frick just happened, OVERNIGHT mind you

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Re: DLC now gone for Transformers Fall of Cybertron

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Sep 13, 2013

The Havok pack was removed from the Playstation Store, but that was not a decision made by Sony. It is an Activision game, and Activision can remove content from the Playstation Store whenever it pleases.  As to the reason why, only Activision knows.  It is not required to explain or justify their decision to Sony.  Activision may have wanted to encourage sales of the rather expensive Ultimate Edition by making that the only way to get the Havok pack DLC.  I can imagine Activision doing that, given that they are charging $60 for a game that came out over a year ago, and sells for less than $40 on disc.  The Ultimate Edition doesn't even offer any discount off the individual prices of the DLC.  Why else would anyone buy it, except to get the Havok pack?  

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