Jun 14 2013
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DLC Problem

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I downloaded the call of duty 2 uprising dlc pack which i paid for $14.99, and it downloaded and installed but it didnt work, it didnt show up on the game or anything it says i have the game from the store but it doesnt show in the game i unistall it many times and install it again and nothing, im wonderinng if i can get back my funds or half or something. Help me as in what to do.

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Re: DLC Problem

Jun 14, 2013
DLC will only work if it is purchased from the PSN Store of the same region as the game disc itself. E.g. if your game disc is from the UK region, and the PSN store you purchased the DLC from is from the US region, the DLC will not work on your UK disc.

Game discs are not region locked on the PS3, but DLC is.
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