Feb 10 2013
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DLC Download Issue

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Hi, I bought a Copy of the "Excessive Force" Downloadable Content Pack for Prototype 2 from a local gamestop for the PS3.

Later I logged in, went to the store and tried to download the content through the code provided, it would not work. Seeing this, I retyped it about 10 times before going to check the DLC for Prototype 2 and noticed that the "Excessive Force" DLC wasn't on the list. Help?

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Re: DLC Download Issue

Feb 10, 2013

Based on the search index it appears that it was there last spring, but is gone now.  That may have something to do with its developer, Radical Entertainment, having shut down at the end of June last year.  With no one to support the DLC, Sony may have decided to remove it from the store.  You should get a refund from GameStop.  If they are going to sell digital game content in their brick and mortar store, they need to start keeping track of what content is actually available online. The DLC is still available for the XBox, but that may just mean that Microsoft doesn't care if there is anyone left to support it.

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