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DCUO Subscriptions and Legends Pricing Plan

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Today 7/27 I tried logging on to dc universe online and a message popped up saying that I needed to re-subscribe. I looked in my account managment and saw that my subscription actually expired 7/18. I also saw DC Universe Online Subscription entitlement which expired 7/20. As you may know they offered an exclusive package called the DC Universe Online Legends Pack. When I go to re-sub this package is nolonger available to me. This is not just because if my account was terminated the day that the subscription expired, i would immediatly have gone and resubscribed. But since they did it a week after, I had no idea that i could no longer resubscribe with that plan,This was made espcially confusing because we were all given free game time for when psn went down and I had no idea when we would be charged.

QUESTION: Is there anyway I could resub with that specific plan


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Re: DCUO Subscriptions and Legends Pricing Plan

Jul 27, 2011

soccerplaya8278 wrote:

QUESTION: Is there anyway I could resub with that specific plan

You can always call SCEA customer service and ask; but otherwise, no, there is no way to do that.  It was a limited time offer, and to keep it you have to remain a subscriber continuously.  If you renew after your entitlement expires, you are essentially a new subscriber, and you don't get access to any bonus content that you had with earlier subscriptions. 

PSN subscriptions generally renew automatically when the expire; provided that you have enough money in your PSN wallet to pay for the renewal; or you have a credit card on file and the automatic funding option enabled, so that your wallet is funded when needed.  If there is no way for Sony to charge you for the subscription renewal, then your subscription is canceled.  It is your responsibility to either renew the subscription before it expires by purchasing another one manually, or by ensuring that there are enough funds available to your wallet to pay for the subscription when it is due for renewal.

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