Feb 10 2013
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Credit card info Not valid. Redeem PSN PLUS CODE.

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Ok . so i just bought a brand new super slim PS3. and it comes with a Plus membership.

the problem is that when i try to redeem the code. it ask me for my credit card. so i proceed to enter all the details and it FAILS! it says credit card info not valid


I have to say i am not from the US neither EU. im from south america BOLIVIA. so when i created my PSN US account i putted a REAL address a real city a real postal code and everything. but i cant put my card address code because IM FROM BOLIVIA! and my PSN is from US so what should i do?


this is just terrible. i tried everything. tripple checked the code and the info. everything is fine but i just cant do anything. i also checked the forums and alot have this problem. but alot of people are from EU. But im from SOUTH AMERICA. 


Please i really need your help.

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Re: Credit card info Not valid. Redeem PSN PLUS CODE.

Feb 10, 2013

im sorry if i putted it there. i just didnt know where to put at it. SOMEONE know a fix?

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