Jan 20 2012
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Credit Card Issues...

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I tried adding a pre-paid credit card to my PSN account and it will not take it, that's not why I'm posting here though.

If the card is invalid I'm wondering why I have four $1 authorizations from Playstation Network, how do you take the money if the card is apparently not valid.

Can this be reversed or is this some automatic thing I never noticed before, regardless if I can't use the card I just want to know if those will go away or if I just got charged $4 for nothing?



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Re: Credit Card Issues...

Jan 20, 2012

All I can suggest is that you make sure that the billing information you entered matches your debit card statement exactly.

You also aren't being charged $1.00 every time, it's only a temporary hold on funds to verify the account. The charges will disappear from your account shortly.

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Re: Credit Card Issues...

Jan 24, 2012

The card is not invalid.  Only the Playstation Network will not accept it.  The reason is that prepaid cards provide no evidence of the purchaser's state and country of residence; so Sony can't determine the sales taxes that must be collected.  When Sony processed the authorization, the card processor either had no address for the account, or said that the address was not verified (meaning that you provided it, but they had never sent mail to you at that address and received a response from you).  That resulted in the card being rejected by PSN, in accordance with Sony policy. 

An authorization is not a charge.  It only "reserves" that amount of your credit line or card balance for a week or so.  Another transaction, called a capture, would have to be submitted before any money would be transferred.  Sony didn't accept the card, so no capture will be submitted.  The authorization will expire automatically after a little while. 

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Re: Credit Card Issues...

Jan 30, 2013

they do not accept prepaid credit cards


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