Feb 20 2013
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Content Not "Available for PS Vita" When It Should Be

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Hi all, 


I'm aware that sometimes content may show up on PS Vita and be listed as PS Vita compatable, yet you may receive an error stating that the content is not able to be donwloaded. 


At this time, I've identified the following titles that may have this issue: 


- Patapon 3


I've locked this thread for replies so you can use the Subscribe function to receive updates to this thread when an SCEA rep (me) makes a reply only. If there are other games you're seeing this error for; shoot me a PM and I'll confirm it and keep you updated on any progress in this thread. 


Thank you, 

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Re: Content Not "Available for PS Vita" When It Should Be

Feb 21, 2013

Hello there, 


This issue on accessing Patapon 3 on PS Vita should now be resolved. Please feel free to send me a PM if you're still having issues. 


Thank you, 

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