Mar 14 2013
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Constantly have problems with playstation network

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For a couple of months now, I have been having constant problems connecting to the playstation network.  I've been on the forums here and whatever else Google turns up with little success.  It seems almost random.  Some days, some times my PS3 will connect right away but most of the time not.  Sometimes it will connect after some frigging with network settings and sometimes after power cycling the PS3 and my wireless router.  A wired connection really isn't an option for me (modem is 2 floors away but I do have decent signal strength.)  The error messages vary but some of them include 80029564, 8002a548, 80710d23 (pretty common one) but there are others.  All seem to be DNS related which is what I keep trying to change.  I've used the Google public ones, my router (, and the ones from my ISP (Rogers in NB, Canada).  Nothing consisitently works.  


Needless to say this is all very frustrating.  It means no online gaming, no Playstation Store, no Netflix.  I have a Playstation Plus subscription that is going to waste because of this.  


I'm not sure I even have hope that somebody out there has a solution for me but I would feel better if someone out there had similar issues.  Anybody at Sony have any thoughts?  Chances of me buying a PS4 after this frustration are pretty much nil.



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