Nov 04 2013
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Constant Error

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Hello there. I have this constant problem of getting an error of 800AD23. I've tried searching for issues but the solution always says something about the router. I'm am pretty sure my router is fine.


1. When I use my phone/laptop, internet does not drop at all.

2. I can log in right after it gives me the error that logs me out.

3. Using the youtube does not give me the error

4. I had a account that constantly had this error, so I decided if making a new account worked. I created it and it worked flawlessly for about 2 days and I started to get this error again.


As I said, while I use the youtube app, there is no problem. I only seem to get this error when I am online playing Modern Warfare 3 (though never tried playing any other online games in a while). It would randomly log me out from 5 minutes of playing to a couple hours. I am losing my patience of exiting a game because of this error. Please do help, and sadly I do not have much electronic knowledge, so be gentle Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Constant Error

Nov 4, 2013
If you are using a wireless connection try moving the system closer to the modem, or even better, hardwiring it up and see if that helps. Hardwire always stays connected better than wifi. Sometimes running multiple devices over a wifi connection can cause this. That error just means your system is either not getting enough wireless signal or your internet speed is dropping so low that the ps3 loses connection to the internet.
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