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Re: Complaints

May 1, 2013
Jarvdog and marcolongari you can call tech support at Sony make sure you have saved all messages a user sends while playing if they are harrassing you or suspect someone of cheating. Also save their online user ID. You will need to give tech support the online game, time, almost verbatim what was said or done, by the offender or cheat. Once you have logged a formal complaint, the tech will send you an email which you must then fill it out and give another account of what happened. Sony will then look up the user, and if what you say has not occurred verbatim or close, or no cheating is discovered, you could also be penalized or your user online account removed for false information and complaints. But if your complaint is legitimate, then calling tech support to log a formal complaint with all the information i detailed above on the user is how you do it..
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