Oct 26 2011
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College & PSN

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Hi everyone, I recently began attending college and was unable to access PSN or XBL so I did some research, turns out most colleges require you provide them with the MAC address of your system so they can allow it in their system. I wrote down every single MAC address (including my laptops) and called my IT dept. the guy I talked to went on to explain that PSN requires certain ports to connect and that the college uses these ports for mentoring and that they blocked these ports from being used in the dorms. Is there any way to bypass this?? I already tried to go to the Router settings on my browser but it requires a login and password, I also tried to put my PS3 into a DMZ but the IP address and Default Gateway are automatic on my system and I am unsure how to find them out otherwise, would they be the same as my computer that is connected to the same internet?

Thanks in advance for any help

edit: There is an ethernet port in every dorm room, routers aren't allowed in the dorms but if I did buy a non-wireless router and plugged my PS3 into the internet through the router would it make a difference? and does anyone know if the college would be able to detect that I have a router hooked up in my dorm?

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Re: College & PSN

Oct 27, 2011

If the college is blocking those ports between their network and the internet, then there is nothing you can connect on your end to change that.

There are two paths that will work:

1) get your own internet connection and use it (costs money and you can't get DSL run into the dorm, so I think mobile data is the only option and that is expensive and suboptimal for gaming). You might want to see if there is any open Wifi near your dorm and see if you can connect to that. (long shot)

2) if you can find an anonymiser service that should work. Basically you pay them to provide a VPN termination point. So from the dorm, you connect to the service and make an IPSEC connection (encrypted tunnel) and all your network traffic flows across that. To the college, it's only the VPN port, the other traffic is opaque to them. The service provide dumps you on the open internet from the VPN connection (so you will show up on the internet with an IP of the anonymiser service. I haven't shopped/used such a thing, so I don't know companies or pricing. You will need something to stand up the VPN tunnel and provide service. That will be either a PC with two network ports or a router with a nice hacked OS (like dd-wrt).

I'm afraid there is no easy/simple solution. You're on their network and they simply aren't supporting your PS3/PSN scenario/use case.

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