May 14 2013
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Charged double for the price of one game(MHP3)

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Hi there PS store, I recently bought Monster Hunter 3rd for the PSP, however I play it on the PS Vita that I own.


Here's the thing. I bought it under USER1 on the PS3, therefore the PSVita did not recognise it linked and wouldn't let me transfer the game across because it is linked to the USER2.


I decided to delete the game from USER1, then logged into USER2, and proceeded to try and download the game again from the PS store. Upon finding the game again in the list, I clicked on the purchase button to try and download it. It stated that I had $0.00 in my wallet but allowed me to finish the checkout. Upon doing this, I had thought I had only bought the game once on my PS3, as I only have one copy of the Monster Hunter 3rd .. Well that is until my Credit Card statement came through and stated that I have been charged twice for this game I have only one copy of.


I want to know why it still proceeded to charge my Credit Card even though my Wallet was empty, and how I can get about to getting a refund on one of my purchases.


Many Thanks


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Re: Charged double for the price of one game(MHP3)

May 14, 2013

Welcome to the forums, venombladehk.


This is a community of Playstation Users, we cannot refund you.


You clicked on "Purchase" twice once on USER1 and once on USER2.  This is fatal, coupled with your credit card info being stored on your account and the funding option set to automatically charge your card if the wallet does not have enough funds.


Generally speaking, purchases are final, with no refunds.  You can try to contact SONY by clicking on "Contacting Support" in the lower left corner of any forum page and pleading your case.


Good luck.


Oh, and if you don't want your card charged automatically delete the card number/expiry from your account.

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