Jan 01 2013
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Cannot perform download of the PS Store update!

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I seem to be having trouble accessing the PS Store via my console. everytime i try to enter the PS Store it tells me that in order to use this feature i must perform a download, (of what i assume is a PS Store update, please correct me if i'm wrong. this alleged update is 26MB).


so I go through with the download and proceed as usual.

It downloads, however, the percentage number begins to exceed 100% and stops after it reaches 300%(sometimes 500%)

So I let the download continue even though it's greater than 100%...

Then, it begins to install...(somehow)

When it reaches 14% it comes up with an error message, and an error code "80029564". Also, it suggests the data may be corrupted.

I find this to be very weird and unusual, seeing as it is not any sort of game data, but some sort of PS Store file/data of some sort.


I am all performing this on a 12GB ps3 slim with wireless connection. Are there any known suggestions/fixes for this? Should I call them up?


Also if it means anything, I CAN actually download Game DLC from inside the game. For example downloading Assassins creed 3 Benedict Arnold DLC and Mechromancer Pack DLC (Borderlands 2), all from the IN-GAME menu, which then directs me to the PS Store. Yet I cannot access the PS Store from the XMB Menu. I have tried restoring defualt settings but nothing seems to work


any help? Thanks

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