Sep 28 2013
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Cannot not access account

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So here's the problem. 


When I made my main PSN username (ButterKnife277), I used my old email, which I currently do not remember. I also made another PSN username (ishotmyfoot3) with my now main email account. 


A week after making those two accounts I switched my main email from the ishotfoot3 account to the butterknife277 account. It's been 4 years since then. I've recently bought GTA V and I'm trying to link my username but whenever I try to sign in using my main email, my second PSN username (ishotmyfoot3) shows up. 


I do not remember the original email I used in creating my main PSN username (butterknife277), so I can't link my accounts. Also when I get the PS4, I will not be able to use my main PSN username, because when I sign in to another console using my main email it signs in my second PSN account and not my main one. 


Is there any way to perhaps find the original email for my main account? 

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Re: Cannot not access account

Sep 29, 2013

Your only option is to contact Sony Customer Support using one of the methods found by clicking on the Contacting Support link found at the lower left corner of the forum page. Sony will ask you the birthdate associated with the PSN ID and ask you the security question(s) associated with the account and then reset your password.

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