Dec 21 2013
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Cannot connect to PSN, GTA V, Internet (Tried every solution known)

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Hi! I've been really stumped with my PS3 lately.


Bought it just a month ago.


Back then

- I could connect to the internet as soons as i switched it on. 

- Could play GTA V online

-Could sign in to PSN everytime i tried



- Cant connect to the internet

- Cant connect to GTA V online ( timed out, only can join empty servers) 

- Cant ocnnect to PSN (80710092 error code)


What i tried

- Port forwarding

- Manual internet connection settings on PS3

- Reset router

- Rester PS3


What works in my house

- Computer connects to internet

- Fibre internet (im sure its not slow, really) 


What is

- Ps3 is right beside and below my routers

- Running wireless connection

- Wired connection didnt change anything


Really, i've tried everything i can find. Thank you for reading i hope someone has answers for me cause this is frustrating.

It literally didnt have any problems at first, so why now?

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