Nov 04 2011
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Cannot buy 1 year PS+ sub

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Please read carefully, because Sony tech support refused to listen to what I was saying and kept telling my my account was "probably" locked out...

My PS+ sub ran out on the 28th.  It tried to charge to my old bank account, which didn't have funds so it didn't resub.  On the 1st I go to buy the 1 year sub to get the free jurassic park game.  It charged my credit card (cleared my bank as well), added the funds to my wallet and gave me an error code.  I gave it a day thinking it was a network error.  It didn't work yesterday either, so I gave it another day and waited until after the maintainence.  Same issue today.  I have 53 dollars in my wallet, and cannot buy PS+.  I tested to make sure my account wasn't locked out by buying a rock band song.  It worked as expected.

For some reason the tech support gal couldn't get it though her head that it was probably an issue on their end, and told me to wait 7 days and my account "may be unlocked".  She knew my account wasn't locked as it is obvious. 

Has anyone else experienced this?  I am pulling my hair out.  I hooked up my other PS3 and tried on that one, same issue.  Their tech support reps have no tools to help with PSN problems.

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