Oct 06 2012
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Cannot Sign-In Online

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Hello, everyone.

I am having difficulty signing into my Playstation 3 to play online. I have been out of town for a month, and during that time I had my PlayStation 3  in a hotel, and was playing it through the hotel's ethernet cable.

Well, I just got back home today, and went to fire up my PS3 to play some Uncharted 3 online, however, I could not sign in.

I went to my internet connection settings and have tried numerous things. After everything else, I reset my router, but still nothing.

Sometimes it says "Ethernet cable not connected" when trying to sign in. I think it still thinks I'm trying to connect in the hotel.

For two years, I had no issues playing my PS3 and signing in automatically. Now, it just refuses to sign on. Whenever I run the connection test, it fails to obtain IP address.

I would greatly appreciate any help. I'm not the most technically savvy person.

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Re: Cannot Sign-In Online

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Oct 7, 2012

Connect your PS3 directly to the modem and see if you can connect to the PSN. If you get an error message take note and post it here. Now, If you were unable to connect to the PSN then start the PS3's web browser and see if you can surf the internet. If you can surf the internet but can't connect to the PSN, this means the PSN server closest to you is having trouble. All you can do is wait till they fix it/comes back online.

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