May 14 2014
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Cannot Connect To The Servers

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I saw  people have this problem but mine looks kinda different. I was updating Call of Duty, it required two 2GB update files. 1GB of each of them downloaded then I had some network issues. When my connection got fixed I press retry for one of the update files but for the other one there was no "retry". The Only two options were Suggentions and "okay". The error is in the topic with the code NW-31201-7. Should I Delete the update file and do it again? Why one update is downloading properly and I'm facing this problem with the other file? I don't live in US and I have a slow connection. It took me 2 hours to successfully download that 1GB. Please Suggest something.

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Re: Cannot Connect To The Servers

May 14, 2014

Hey there. These are the forums for the North American region. You will want to contact support for your own region from the list:


That being said, you should try deleteing and reinstalling the update. If the download corrupted and did not finish properly, you will have to start from the beginning. 




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