Mar 20 2013
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Can't use my GoW Pormocode

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Long story short:


First DLC code timed out and said it was already used. Second DLC code I got from Gamestop after the first one, said that there was no content even after I visually saw the 6 items I was about to download.


Gamestop said to come here after I called them back right after the new code was used.


Smiley Mad New I should have used this **bleep** code right off hand instead of letting SC2 take my life for a week.


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Re: Can't use my GoW Pormocode

Mar 21, 2013

Which promo code?  For the collectors edition?  If that's the case check this thread here:


If that's not what you are looking for others have been having the same issue and are talking about it in that section of the forums as well as this one:


Good luck warrior! See you in the arena!

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