Nov 16 2013
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Can't sign into PSN PS4 ERROR - CE-32894-6

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I have been trying to sign into psn on PS4 since 5:45pm Est. I was signed in all day yesterday. This is my first time on today and I cannot sign in. I was getting an SU error but now it is Error CE-32894-6. IP address and internet connection tests are working and successful. I just cannot sign into psn. What is wrong? It was fine yesterday.

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Re: Can't sign into PSN PS4 ERROR - CE-32894-6

Nov 17, 2013

I can boot up my ps4 system and play the 3 games I have singleplayer but when trying to connect to PSN over wifi in any way shape or form, (signing into my profile or using any online feature at all) I am immediately greeted by the "Error SU-30696-4" screen.  I have an active connection to my apartment buildings wifi but it says my NAT is failing.  I am using said wireless connection to post this message from my pc, so it is obviously working properly.  I have also tried a wired connection (which I KNOW works because I use it to play xbox live) and it says "Obtain IP address FAILED Cannot obtain an IP address within the time limit (CE-33984-7).



I have manually updated my system to 1.5 and no luck

I have called playstation support FOUR TIMES, twice I have been hung up on after 40 minutes exactly of holding and twice I have waited for an hour plus and NOBODY picks up the phone.  I am currently on hold for the FIFTH time in the 83rd minute and no answer.


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