Dec 22 2011
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Can't sign into PS Store from MediaGo

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I have a PSPgo I bought used and I can't sign into the PS Store from MediaGo. It gives me a variety of the following errors:

An error has occurred.

An error has occurred. 8086001

An error has occurred. 80860001/12031

I've talked to PS support and they told me to try accessing the network from my PSPgo at a hotspot; the nearest is 10 miles from my house. I've tried every solution offered to me by them - restarting the network, reinstalling MediaGo, etc. - and I'm very frustrated. I've already lost the twenty games on my PSPgo (once the new firmware downloaded to my PSPgo, all the games were suddenly corrupted) and I just want to buy something so I can actually use the damn system. Please help!

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Re: Can't sign into PS Store from MediaGo

Dec 22, 2011

This forum is for PlayStation Home. You may want to post your issue in PlayStation®Network Support.

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Re: Can't sign into PS Store from MediaGo

Dec 23, 2011

When you say you reinstalled Media Go, did you download it again from, or did you just reinstall from the same installer that you used last time?  Only the very latest version of Media Go can log in to the Playstation Store. You haven't lost any games on your PSP Go.  The games are still in your downloads list in the Playstation Store.  Once you have access to the Store again, you can download and install them on the PSP Go again.  You can't lose the games, unless you lose access to your PSN account; no matter what happens to your PSP.

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Re: Can't sign into PS Store from MediaGo

Jan 2, 2012

I downloaded the latest media go software and only the home page loads. If I try to look up any games or media it just gives me this f#$King message

A network error has occurred.

(80860001 / 12031)


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