Jul 16 2012
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Can't log into account.

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I'm not sure if this is in the right section but meh.


Basically when my brother and I first made our playstation account we accidently mistyped the  email address. We didn't notice and created the account regardless. The playstation automatically logged us in anytime anyway (username- moneypocket and password) so in time we forgot the password but didn't really care because the ps3 just logged us in. Eventually we got YLOD and bought a new ps3. We wanted to re-download a game from our old ps3 account, but we caouldn't remember the password so we tried the security questions. Although we completed them the recovery e-mail was sent to the mistyped address which does not and can not exist.


The game was only £8 so I'm not to bothered to just re buy it, but I was hoping if someone has any ideas how to re log in?


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Can't log into account.

Jul 18, 2012



As long as you remember your DOB, your name and other information registered to the account you could get it resolved. Try contacting SONY tech support:


Call SONY: 800-345-7669

Or, Email PlayStation Support: Click Here


Good luck,


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