Mar 04 2013
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Can't find a DLC Packs for SMACK DOWN! VS. RAW 2011! AND MORE

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I can't download the DLC packs! They don't exist when I use my Bulgarian account! So I get advice to create a UK account and it work well - I redeem my codes for WWE'12 Wrestlemania Edition! I get all DLC I want! But I can't download DLC packs for SD vs. Raw 2011! My code doesen't work and in my UK account I can only see all DLC, but I can't download it! I try to buy it! But it show me the message, that there is an error! Maybe cause I used the same card that I registrate for my BG account and that I used to buy FanAxess for WWE '13! Can somebody help with advice or something else! Please!!! I need that DLC and the Axesses for that game!

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